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This beautiful cove is located on the southeastern tip of East Honolulu.

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Sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and hiking are some of the reasons visitors and residents enjoy Hanauma Bay.This nature preserve is home to a wide variety or marine life.It is a well-known place for recreational swimming, snorkeling, and picnics.Hanauma is a nature preserve park and about 400 species of fish are known to inhabit the bay as well as large green sea turtles.One of the most exciting places to explore in Oahu is the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.

It is another Touristy Tuesday on the blog today as we take a look into snorkeling at Hanauma Bay.Voted Best Beach in 2016, Hanauma Bay State Park is one of the most popular tourist destination on Oahu.

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Approximately 3,000 people per day, mostly tourists eager to don masks and view colorful fish in the turquoise water, descend on the narrow, 2,000-foot long sandy beach.Over 3,000 visitors a day visit Hanauma Bay for their opportunity to swim in its warm, protected warms and snorkel with over 400 species of fish and various species of coral and other marine life.

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Whenever someone visits me in Oahu, I absolutely always take them snorkeling at Hanauma Bay.

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Guided snorkeling tour implementation date - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, four days a week only the morning of the tour of the (AM7: 30 pick-up) and the afternoon tour (PM12: 30 pick-up).

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Hands down, Hanauma Bay is one of the best snorkeling spots on Oahu.

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We have our own gear and wonder what is the best public transportation to the Bay is it far from the Aloha Tower pier are.As I drove there yesterday, I remembered a time when I was living in Australia and about to come to Hawaii to visit my future husband.

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Hanauma Bay was formed within a volcanic cone and is home to a pristine marine ecosystem.

The bay lies at the bottom of the resultant crater and features lava tubes that allow water and the accompanying sea life to flow into the bay.Hanauma Bay Snorkel Adventures is a local Hawaii snorkeling excursion and shuttle service company dedicated to helping you and your family enjoy Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve to the fullest.Located along the east Oahu coastline, Hanauma Bay is a protected marine life conservation area and underwater park.Ten miles east of Waikiki via Kalanianaole Highway, this bay is a protected nature park (entrance fee required), which means loads of fish.Book your snorkeling tour adventure with Snorkelfest in Honolulu, Hawaii, and discover the natural beauty and marine life of Hanauma Bay.

Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay is always fun, but to have the best experience you want top of the line equipment, and a worry free ride to and from the park.It is a beautiful 12 mile coastal ride to the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.The parking is free and always available for mopeds and bicycles.

Our Hanauma Bay guided snorkel tour includes high quality sanitized dry snorkel equipment, safety snorkeling vests, beach mats, bottled water, snacks, lock box and roundtrip transportation from all Waikiki hotels in.The most convenient and reliable shuttle service from Waikiki to Hanauma Bay for a snorkeling tour.

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Allow approximately 30 minutes travel between Waikiki and Hanauma Bay.

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