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At first I thought my drop away rest was the culprit but it now appears there is quite a bit of vibration or twang coming from the string.The usual on-string suppressor consists of a brass tube encircling a rubber tube, held on the string by a screw.As with the mute, match the pitch of the string below the bridge to the pitch of the wolf.

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I knew going into my purchase that i would need to buy new string fairly quickly because of the low quality string PSE puts on their bows.Check out the deal on OMP Remedy Bow Silencer at 3Rivers Archery Supply The Remedy reduces string oscillation, noise, and hand shock, giving you better accuracy.

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After getting a handle on the way the Samick Sage shot with its stock, dacron string, I felt that it was time to install the high performance string that I had purchased with it.We are a leading provider of Archery String Suppressor, find a wide and ever-changing deals for sale.

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WIND DRAGON.650 High Modulus Stabilizer Side Bar. Sale. Log in to see price.

While bows are much more silent than guns, they do make an audible sound that can scare game way.

So I dampen the snot out of my Xbow just to help absorb and protect it as much as possible.It slows the vibrations to quiet the string, and yes it does make some difference on noise. just make sure to serve the string where it hits the supressor.Front mount string suppressor that mounts into the stabilizer with a hex bushing that your stabilizer screws into.

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The stronger the bow, the louder the sound of the string usually is when it shoots forward to let the arrow fly (and when it moves back vibrating to its original position).

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I came up with the idea of making a fancy silencer for the overtones.All our finishes are professionally done by Hydrographic finishingNo Cheap Vinyl wraps or anodizingNo Set screws that work loose.

The string is a Flemish twist, 18 strand Fast Flight Plus string from 3Rivers Archery.Set the string length, bow type, material and color options to make your bow stand out.Plus, it can increase your arrow speed up to 5 feet per second.Bear X Bear X Crossbow String Suppressor has been discontinued by Bear X and is no longer available.

Select a String Silencer from Lancaster Archery Supply and deaden your bow without decreasing shot accuracy.

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I have been told that there should be a gap between the string and the suppressor about the width of a credit card.

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